children museum worker caught for being a pedophile

Child museum worker held on kid porn charges
Employee allegedly used work computer to send explicit images of children

Associated Press
updated 9:29 p.m. ET Nov. 6, 2007

NEW YORK - An employee of the National Children’s Museum in Washington was arrested Tuesday on child pornography charges, accused of using his work computer to send explicit images to others — including an undercover New York City detective.

Stupid fuck. Everyone knows you don't do porn at the office. Why? Apparently "76 percent of employers monitor employee web surfing, and 65 percent use software to block inappropriate web surfing". So for anyone who's surfing for German scat videos which, features midgets having sex with red-headed Asian Siamese twins while beating off a donkey and getting whipped by the bearded woman is all out of luck.

Everyone knows that the best place to surf for porn is at your own home, sitting in the dark, behind locked doors and routing your surfing habits through countless proxy servers in multiple locations across the globe.


Robert A. Singer, 49, was arrested at his home in Falls Church, Va., on charges that he sent the pornographic images to a detective posing as a 33-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter, U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said.

Question: If Singer was the mother and daughter, and who was the detective?

This Singer guy must have gave this a lot of thought. He could come up with two distinct personalities to peddle his kiddie porn. Maybe he could come up with a third one that could plead, "it wasn't me. The devil made me do it", when he's facing the judge.

Singer was identified in the criminal complaint as a spokesman for the Capital Children’s Museum, which closed in September 2004 to prepare for renovations. The museum, which plans to reopen in 2012 as the National Children’s Museum, said in a statement that officials were “horrified” by the events.

Its not that he didn't like children. It's just that he "loved" them "too much" in the wrong way.

The complaint filed in Manhattan federal court said Singer used the screen name Badboy2at to initiate contact with the detective in a chat room. Singer sent the detective about 80 explicit images of child pornography from his work and home computers, the complaint said.

"Badboy2at"? He's 49 fercrissakes. How is he a boy? He hardly qualifies as a man, he's closer to the "old" man category. Everyone knows that you don't end a sentence with a preposition - and turns out that that's actually not entirely true, could be a stupid rule made up by English teachers-, I'm pretty fucking sure this rule applies to internet nicknames too.

Wasn't he supposed to be a mom and her 12 year old daughter? Using that stupid nick is a dead giveaway.

The images sent from Singer’s museum computer depicted sexual acts between minors and adults, the complaint said. Singer also sent the daughter two images with instructions to “just delete it when you are done.”

"Just delete it when you are done"? Sick, sick! Sharing porn with kids. Sick, sick. Sharing porn with instructions to delete "when done", fucking sick! Where's mom?

Singer also exchanged images with other people while sending the pornography to the detective in August and September, the complaint said.

Where are these "other people"? Are they charged too? If he's exchanging these pictures with other people, these "other people" most probably has the same extensive collection as he does. How come we don't hear anything about these "other people"? Did this Singer guy made it into the news because he's some sort of local celebrity?

Singer was charged with five counts of distributing child pornography in interstate commerce. He was detained Tuesday pending a bail hearing later in the week. If convicted, he could face a prison term of up to 40 years on the most serious charges.

Museum: Alleged act 'has no place here'

The museum is a perfect place to get porn. I've always theorize that there is a central repository of porn behind every rustic looking library, monastry or museum. It's not only me. There are people out there who think that Vatican has porn. Who am I to tell them otherwise. It could happen.

A man who answered the phone at Singer’s residence Tuesday said that there was no one to immediately comment on the arrest and that it was not clear who his lawyer might be. Later in the day, a message left at the number for comment was not immediately returned.

He was probably still in jail.

The complaint also accused Singer of boasting in his e-mail communications that he worked near “all your favorite” monuments.

The museum’s offices are a mile from the Washington monument, a mile and a half from the White House and a little over a mile from the Capitol, the complaint said.

Anonymity. The keyword here is anonymity. Didn't he learn anything from all those PSA they show on TV about not telling strangers about personal details on the internet? It's his fault he got caught.

Actually, I'm not surprised. DC's been like the center of sex scandals of America for some time. Let's see, there's Deborah Jeane Palfrey's prostitution scandal. Then there's Jessica Cutler the slut on the Hill tell-all. And probably a few more which I'm just too lazy to Google.

The museum said in its statement it would fully cooperate with law enforcement and had suspended Singer and barred him from the property.

Singer: Noooo!!! My years of pedo-porn collection. Nooooo!!! I will kill all those bastards that format my hard drive!Note to self, make sure to tell lawyer to get injunction against a search warrant to the house. Don't want them to find the clown getup and the animal balloons in the basement.

“Anyone who does anything that might endanger the welfare of a child has no place here,” it said. “Harming children is against everything we stand for as an organization and as individuals.”

Fuck yeah!

Or don't get caught.

For anyone who's interested in getting to know more about pedophilia, please Google it. I found this entry in Wikipedia pretty informative.

Or if you are interested in the psychological aspect of a pedophile, check out this entry in on Crime Library.


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