jared fogle is a liar!!

According to Reuters "Healthy" restaurants can make you fat.

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Think you are being good by opting for a "healthy" restaurant over a fast food joint? Maybe not, say U.S. researchers, who found that eating in restaurants that bill themselves as healthy can make you fatter.

Jared Fogle, you lying piece of shit! And Anne Robinson says:

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This has nothing to do with the article, but this popped into my mind. Let continue.

A series of new studies from New York's Cornell University found that people who spurned fast food in favor of restaurants which advertised their food as healthy often treated themselves to higher-calorie side dishes, drinks or desserts.

The research, published in the October online version of the Journal of Consumer Research, found people tended to underestimate by 35 percent how many calories were contained in so-called healthy restaurant foods.

This is how I imagine this to be ... happened to me tons of times.

Waiter: What would you like for today?
Customer: Hmmm, I'm trying to loose some weight. The doctor says it bad on the ol' ticker. What do you recommend?
Waiter: We have a great selection of garden salad today, all organically grown. May I suggest the Caesar salad?
Customer: That sound good, I'll have that.
Waiter: What kind of dressing would like to have with your salad, sir?
Customer: Hmmm, a dash of olive oil will do.
Waiter: I'll get that for you.
Customer: You know what, put some cheese on that. Olive oil seems a little bland.
Waiter: You know, a little turkey and bacon bits on your salad would be heavenly.
Customer: I don't know if I should. I'm on a diet, you know.
Waiter: You? No way. What's a little bacon gonna do?
Customer: I guess you're right, what's a salad without any 'flava', right?
Waiter: Right. And I'll be right back with your salad.

While waiting for the salad, the same waiter walks by the same customer with hot set of BBQ back ribs, on his way to serve another customer. On his way back to the kitchen, the waiter gets stopped by the so called "salad eater".

Customer: What was that? (Knowing fully well, it's a fucking BBQ backribs)
Waiter: Our specialty, BBQ backribs. The ribs are cooked using our chef's specially blended marinade. I think the secret's in the basil.
Customer: Really?
Waiter: That's my guess.
Customer: Well, it really looks good. My compliments to the chef.
Waiter: Thanks. Would you like to try it sir, well, since you are here already?
Customer: Well, I shouldn't.
Waiter: A salad's more of an entry, it's not really a meal.
Customer: True, true. But I've already ordered the salad.
Waiter: We'll make it a small order. You know, instead of the full set of ribs, how about I bring you the sampler set? It's has smaller portions.
Customer: You talked me into it. Bring me the ribs.
Waiter: You know what, fries would go great with the ribs.
Customer: Technically, fries are potatoes and potatoes are vegetables.
Waiter: You are absolutely right. It wouldn't be a complete meal if you didn't get the fries.
Customer: Hell yeah. While you are at it, bring me a coke, regular coke. Cancel the water.
Waiter: OK sir, I'll be right back with your order.
Customer: Thank you. Errm.. just cancel the salad, just bring me the ribs, regular sized ribs. With fries. And a large coke.
Waiter: Sure sir.

Waiter (walking away): KA-CHIIING! He shoots and he scores.

"We found that when people go to restaurants claiming to be healthy, such as (sandwich chain) Subway, they choose additional side items containing up to 131 percent more calories than when they go to restaurants like McDonalds," Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, said in a statement.

I blame the damn waiters. Wait, I take that back, you can't blame the waiters. They make money based on tips, of course they're gonna recommend that you eat things other than a salad. The more you eat, the more they get tipped.

Wansink and co-author Pierre Chandon, a marketing professor at international business school INSEAD in France, said simply asking people to reconsider restaurants' health claims prompted them to better estimate calories and cut down on side dishes.

"In estimating a 1,000 calorie meal, I've found that people on average underestimate by 159 calories if the meal was bought at Subway than at McDonald's," says Wansink.

As it takes an energy imbalance of 3,500 calories to put on one pound in weight, that extra 159 calories could lead to weight gain of almost five pounds over a year for people who ate at Subway twice a week.

He said the studies helped explain why lower calorie menus and choices at fast food restaurants had not had the expected impact in cutting calorie intake and tackling rising obesity.

Fuck the subway diet. Stop super sizing! Stop having salad with a side of ribs! Fuck! Self control is definitely the key! I have none.


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