do these people have no sense of creativity?

Found another example of people ripping off other people's idea. Look at the logo of these two TV stations.

abc7 vs ntv7 logo

The one on the left is ABC7 Chicago WLS TV7 from Chicago, USA, and the one on the right is NTV7 from Malaysia.

Is it me or do these two logos look exactly the same? Can anyone honestly tell me with a straight face that these two logos are not the same? The circle with the words might be positioned incorrectly and, the circle is of different color. But everything else looks the same. If you are in art school, I'm pretty sure the professor would have flunked you, if you submitted this. I feel like there's some sort of copyright infringement happening here somehow.

Of course, before anyone gets to say anything, I think Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gets to call dibs on the whole copyright thing. Why? Take a gander at the Fantastic 4 logo below:

fantastic four dialogue

Nuff said.


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