i have a rage problem and i have a new blog

Hi all. I've decided to start a new blog over the weekend, sort of like a side project to this existing blog. Like Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park doing Fort Minor. Or Gwen Stefani and Fergie doing their solo career. Well, you get what I mean.

The reason I started this new project is because my friend, Vee Kin said "he finally found someone who is more angry than him". Too much pent up rage in this blog. I get it. I know I swear as much as Scarface, GoodFellas and South Park combined. But, its just that, sometimes regular non-cussing word just can't express the feeling that I have inside in a clear and precise manner. There are nice times and there are bad times. The world is a shitty place. I have a right to bitch about stuff that I get pissed off about.

But anyways, this is not the point of this entry on this blog. This entry is about introducing my new blog to my readers.

My new blog's called Cooking Irresponsibly. It's basically a blog about some of my culinary (and I use the term loosely) experiments --- and I say experiment because I don't know what hell I'm cooking most of the time --- in a nice non-rage manner.

Please do check it out.


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