i want to wear my pants low, dammit!

I know I'm a little late in jumping into the hip hop pants discussion bandwagon but here goes:

Source: USA Today

Several U.S. cities snapping over baggy pants
By Laura Parker, USA TODAY

When the Virginia House of Representatives tried to outlaw the wearing of low-slung pants two years ago, they drew ridicule from Sydney to London. Comedians joked about a "boxers' rebellion," and so many online political blogs derided the bill that the state Senate quickly killed it.

Bloggers of the world unite! Power to the people!

The mockery in Richmond, however, hasn't stopped other politicians from trying to stamp out sagging pants. Bans have become law or are being considered in at least eight states. The movement is fueled by growing worries among lawmakers that sloppy dress by America's youth could be related, no matter how indirectly, to delinquency, poor learning and crime.

Delinquency? Are they fucking kidding? Do they mean that, by wearing my pants low:

Russell Simmons and Jay-Z should be fucking insulted. They wear their pants low, they worked hard for their money (fuck, I sound like a Donna Summer song) and they are obsecenly rich, and they didn't rob noone. What does that say?

"If we have kids going around wearing pants below their butts, it's not nice, not decent," says Timothy Holmes, a city commissioner in Opa-locka, Fla. "If you ask six of these kids, 'What are your grades?' four will tell you they're making C's, D's and F's. I see how senior citizens respond to these kids. They're afraid."

Tim Holmes, sounds like a very "white" person. How many of these kids did he talked to? Just because he talked to some stupid kid in his apartment block who's stupid, doesn't mean everyone who wears their pants that way is stupid. Did Timmy asked any of the the Steve Urkel looking kids? Just because you look like a nerd, doesn't mean you have will have a good grades. Some kids dress that way because their parents have bad taste. I dress like a nerd (my mom has bad taste) when I was a kid and, I had average grades.

And obviously, Tim has never had any plumbing problems because most plumbers I know wear their pants low. What about fat girls with muffin tops?

Opa-locka, a Miami suburb of 15,000 that has struggled to curb violent crime, is the latest municipality to take up sagging pants. Holmes has proposed an ordinance that would ban wearing them in city parks, the library and other municipal buildings. The proposal, which will be voted on Oct. 24, carries no fines or jail time, although violators would be evicted from city property. Holmes says he expects the measure to pass.

If you say these long slung pants kids have bad grades, do you expect them to be studying in a fucking library? Wouldn't they be outside doing some crime and shit?

Or, there are these kids who wear the hip-hop styled pants and have bad grades but are genuinely interested in studying, what kind of local government are they running over there where they discourage kids from going to a library by kicking them out, just because I'm embracing a fashion statement that doesn't require me to pull my pants all the way up to my chest?

Low-slung pants, which droop below the hips and expose underwear and more, are the latest in generations of adolescent fashion statements to rankle adults. Just as miniskirts in the 1960s prompted unsuccessful civic efforts to cover up exposed legs, civil libertarians warn that banning sagging pants will be exceedingly difficult to defend in court.

Even the adults are doing it. Hmmm.

"Wearing of clothing is absolutely free expression" protected by the First Amendment, says Marjorie Esman, executive director of the Louisiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Hell yeah. If I want to expose my underwear and my butt crack to the world, it's my fucking right. That's whats one of the cool things about staying in the United States. You guys are really big on the whole "freedom" thing. I salute you.

That prospect hasn't deterred officials from Texas to Connecticut from trying to pass new indecency statutes. Among their efforts:

•New bans have been adopted in Hawkinsville, Ga., and six Louisiana cities and parishes, including Shreveport and Alexandria.

•Proposed bans are under consideration in Trenton and Pleasantville, N.J.; Charlotte; Dallas; Baltimore; Atlanta and three other Georgia towns including Rome, Brunswick and Plains; Duncan, Okla.; and Yonkers, N.Y.

•Bans have been rejected in Natchitoches, La.; Stratford, Conn.; and Pine Bluff, Ark.

Penalties range from fines or jail time to warnings. Several towns in Louisiana, including Mansfield, near Shreveport, passed measures in June that include fines of $150 or 15 days in jail. The Dallas city council is considering a non-binding resolution against sagging pants.

Where are the black people in these states? Just because these states are really big on country music doesn't mean there aren't any hip hoppers there? What the fuck happen to the voice of the people? Exercise you First Amendment right, dammit. Freedom of speech..Freedom of speech. Make it known dammit. Make it loud!

"Their intent is to show that they're looking to maintain or restore order," says David Bositis, a senior political analyst for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington, D.C., think tank that focuses on issues related to black Americans.

Wait a minute. Are they saying that only "black" people wear long slung pants? What a fucking racist thing to say. Are they saying that white people don't wear low slung hip hop pants? Does Eminem wear his pants at his waist?

The low-slung style was inspired by the beltless pants worn by prison inmates. It spread through the hip-hop music community to urban neighborhoods and then to the suburbs. The style is predominantly worn by black youth, according to Bositis.

OMG, I didn't know that. I can be hardcore like prison inmates. I'm pulling my pants even lower now. Fer shizznit.

"These types of ordinances are obviously aimed at African-American male youth," says Holly Dickson, staff attorney for the ACLU in Arkansas, who warns attempts to enforce them could bring court challenges over racial profiling.

Damn right Holly. Damn right. Asian hip hoppers wear our pants low too. Well, either that or we have no ass.

In several cities with large black populations, black leaders are pushing the measures. In Atlanta, City Councilman C.T. Martin says he's trying to raise standards and instill values in today's youth.

"Bill Cosby started this conversation, and we let him down," Martin says, referring to the comedian's controversial criticism of the parenting skills, grammar and values of poor blacks.

Who are these black leaders? Al Roker and Colin Powell like black leaders? Shit these niggas (I'm not using this as a derogatory term, please) are so white, they are milk on a white saucer in the middle of a snow storm in Alaska.

Bill Cosby's show was successful because it was geared towards white people. I mean, look at the show. Have you ever seen any of them eat any fuckin soul food? Anyone ever seen any black-eyed peas, fried chicken, and sweet potatoes served on the Cosby dinner table? The Cosby kids eat pizza and cereal, typical white food.

What about the damn sweaters? I've never met a black person who wears sweaters like that. The only black people do wear clothes like that are: The Banks (uncle Phillip and Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and the Cosbys. The Family Matters people don't wear clothes like that.

Martin says his proposed ordinance has drawn 2 million visitors to his website, where he says an online survey shows 9-to-1 favor it. A task force is examining the issue, with a hearing to follow later this fall.

I'm pretty sure, a lot of people are leaving nasty comments on his site too. Did he delete those?

In Pine Bluff, another black leader, Mayor Carl Redus, spoke at a public hearing two weeks ago and persuaded the city council to kill plans for a no-sagging ordinance. He didn't want to spend taxpayer dollars defending the ordinance in court, and warned that police time shouldn't be tied up in writing tickets for baggy pants.

"We must put forth legislation that works to the good of all," Redus says. "We're not the parents of this community."

Mayor Redus, if I were in Pine Bluff, I'd vote for you. You are right. Stop spending the hard earned tax money on catching people who forgot to put on a belt. The cops are for catching real criminals. Stop stuffing kids in jail just because their parents decided that they will buy pants that are bigger thinking their kids will grow into them.

If this fucking thing catches on, everyone around the world would want to do it. Fuck! We Malaysians already have some stupid law on public decency (refer to the Pussycat Dolls KL incident). If this happens, it would really suck big time.

Well, at the mean time, I will enjoy my, whatever short time I have left and wear my pants low and wearing them proud. Just need to remember to get better underwear.

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