john howard and mikhail gorbachev, brothers?

As I was browsing Google News today, I noticed something that I never noticed before. Has anyone ever noticed that John Howard looks really like Mikhael Gorbachev?

I've decided to download two pictures of these 2 men and do a side-by-side comparison of their mugs. And just to make it more interesting, I've painted Gorby's infamous red patch onto John Howard's balding forehead. Check this out:

gorby vs howard

Tell me, that just doesn't freak you out a little bit. Could they be related? I'm thinking, possibly.

But anyhow, they can't be close. Because apparently, John Howard snubbed Gorbachev when he visited the land Down Under last year.


Check out this article Gorbachev urges Australia to sign Kyoto, from The Age, Australia.

Gorby's old. He's travelled more than 20,000 km just to get snubbed by John Howard. How can he do that an old man, someone brokered the end of the Cold War?


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