miss puerto rico sabotaged by pepper spray

pepper spray

Pageant officials investigate pepper spray prank
Miss Puerto Rico winner's makeup, evening gown coated with compound

Associated Press
updated 2:17 p.m. ET Nov. 26, 2007
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Pepper spray failed to deter Ingrid Marie Rivera, who beat 29 rivals to become the island’s 2008 Miss Universe contestant.

miss puerto rico ingrid marie rivera

Pageant organizers said they hope to catch and expose whoever was responsible for dousing Rivera’s evening gowns with pepper spray and spiking her makeup, causing her to break out in hives.

I guess the backstabbing and bitching stuff we see in the movies are actually true. That crap that they always spout about the pageant being a place to celebrate the spirit of sisterhood and camaraderie and all that other stuff is a bunch of bullshit. Everyone's in it for themselves. Its not for world peace. It's not for goodwill towards man. Everyone's in it to WIN, and to win only.

However, organizers said they are handling the investigation and police aren’t involved.

How are these organizers qualified to be the ones investigating this?

Rivera was composed while appearing before cameras and judges throughout the competition. But once backstage, she had to strip off her clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body, which swelled and broke out in hives twice.

Holy shit. This woman is in it to win. Weird thing is, if your body gets in contact with the pepper spray stuff, wouldn't you immediately feel the sting? I'm pretty sure you'd feel that as soon as you put on your dress. Or even if the effects are delayed, wouldn't she have felt it while she's waiting for her turn backstage?

Shit, was it really the pepper spray that caused her to break into hives or could she have eaten some thing last night, right before the pageant and she's suffering from some allergic reactions to the food she scarfed down before? Maybe she "sabotaged" herself by spraying her own dress and make it into like a conspiracy thing to gain some sympathy vote? I don't know. I guess I'll have to wait for it just like everyone. Do your job pageant investigators!

“We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves,” said pageant spokesman Harold Rosario. “But the second time, we knew it couldn’t have been a coincidence.”

All I can say is, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". How the fuck could she have fallen for the same prank twice.

Rivera’s clothing and makeup later tested positive for pepper spray.

Are they tested for semen too? Nevermind.

Someone also stole Rivera’s bag containing her gowns, makeup and credit cards. And a bomb threat forced pageant officials to postpone the last day of competition on Thursday, said Magali Febles, director of the Miss Puerto Rico Universe pageant.

If we could just see the same determination in the political elections. Swiping stuff to sabotage the other "candidate", looking for shady financial dealings from the credit card and delaying the competition from winning by calling in a bomb threat.

A tearful Rivera recounted her ordeal at a news conference Sunday, acknowledging she had wavered about staying in the contest.

Bullshit. She's in it to win. She went out to meet the judges in a pepper spray laced dress didn't she?

“At one point I said, ‘Am I a masochist?”’ she recalled, her voice breaking. “But I said, ‘I am with God and this is my goal, regardless of the results.”’

God doesn't give a fuck it you win, darling.

Beauty competitions in the U.S. Caribbean territory — which boasts five Miss Universe titles, second only to the U.S. — are fierce, drawing boisterous audiences and accusations of rigged results.

But the pranks under investigation this year are a first, Rosario said.

Ha ha, sooner or later, they'd have to create something called the Pageant Police.

Rivera, who won Miss World Caribbean in 2005, had been a target of controversy from the start of competition, as rivals complained she was too experienced and should be disqualified.

So what. For someone to be even Miss USA, she has to be Miss "insert state name here" first. Isn't that the same?

Local media touted her as the likely winner, stoking jealousy among contestants, Rosario said.

When Rivera won, rivals accused her of buying the crown, Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Dia newspaper reported.

Like I said earlier, have they tested the dress for semen? If she had the money to buy the crown, do you think she'd be in this pageant? Do you think she'd pepper spray her own face? Please.

Thats what losers say. Sore losers.


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