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Read this on MSN today:

Parents of MySpace hoax victim seek justice
‘No apologies’ over teen who hanged herself over failed romance, kin say
The parents of a 13-year-old Missouri girl who hanged herself after a failed MySpace romance — later uncovered as a hoax — say they have yet to receive an apology from the family they blame for their daughter’s death.

“They’ve absolutely offered no apologies,” Ron Meier told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer on Monday. “They sent us a letter in the mail, basically saying that they might feel a little bit of responsibility, but they don’t feel no guilt or remorse or anything for what they did.”

Who would? Did OJ called Nicole's parents to say he's sorry for murdering their daughter (So sue me, I still think he did it. I'm just surprised they haven't made a movie or a mini series out of this)? Did the parents of the Trenchcoat Mafia send a sorry note to all the kids their sons gunned down in Columbine? Fuck, that would never happen.

Let's not go to that extreme, let's break it down to simpler real-life example. Let's just say, you let out a quiet fart in the packed elevator, the ones where even "a skunk would pass out from smelling it" kind of fart, would you fess up to it? The answer's a big NO. Noone would. Be it for legal reasons (right to remain silent, anything you say will used against you in a court of law, remember?), or for saving yourself from embarrassment.

Rather, said Tina Meier, the people are upset with her for going public with their story. Last week, while shopping, she ran into the woman who invented the hoax, Tina Meier said.

“She asked me to stop doing all of this,” she told Lauer. “I told her that we would not stop, that we were going to continue for justice for Megan because we knew what they did.”

The Meiers’ daughter, Megan, hanged herself Oct. 16, 2006.

The Meiers have not named the people because they do not want to identify their teenage daughter, who had once been a friend of Megan’s.

OOooh..the Meiers' are taking the high and mighty road on this. They are doing this because they want to protect the alleged killer's daughter...Oooh! Like that's believable. Who wants to bet that they are holding out for a movie/book deal and an interview with Barbara Walter?

If they are fucking serious about getting some sort of retribution, just go Erin Brokovich on them. They are in America for gods sakes. Land of lawyers. I'm pretty sure they can request the court to issue an injunction against disclosing the names of the kid involved right?

After the two girls had a falling out, the mother invented a 16-year-old boy, “Josh Evans,” created a MySpace account for him, and made Megan believe he was new in town and thought she was cool.

The mom who created this Josh guy? Holy shit. She's a damn good writer don't you think? She conjured up, like a whole new different personality and able to make it into a believable character that subsequently caused the death of a teenage girl? She'd make a killing in script writing in Hollywood, especially when there is a strike going on now.

All I can say is I'm fucking impressed and disgusted at the same time.

Oh, Mom, you don’t understand
Megan, a girl who had battled attention deficit disorder, depression and a weight problem for much of her young life, believed him, despite her mother’s warnings to be cautious.

What teenager doesn't struggle with self esteem issues? Some kids have zit problems. Some kids have weight problems. So what. Deal with it. Know this fact. Not everyone can be a jock or a cheerleader in school. Most definitely NOT everyone can be the head nerd. So, why punish yourself? Forcing yourself to conform to what is acceptable in the high school which are being athletic, smart, and beautiful. I say, why not be average. There are more of us than all the jocks and nerds combined.

If we are attacked by aliens one day (I know I'm stretching it) I'm pretty sure we would be all that is left. The jocks would be in the army getting blown into pieces. The nerds will be wiped out all together because they have no chance when it comes to fighting off the alien. And of course all the cheerleaders would be made into sex slaves.

All us average kids will be left to repopulate the world, with more average people.

But in the end, I guess she never got a chance to learn that lesson.

And who would have thought someone with A.D.D would ever obsess over anything. They have the attention span of an onion. I've always imagined a conversation with an ADD kid would go something like this:

Megan: Mom, I met this nice guy on my MySpace page.
Mom: Really? Tell me about him.
{phone rings, Megan turns and looks at the phone, and then turns back to mom and says}
Megan: Mom, did you know that the human head weighs 9lbs?
Mom: ???

“That was always the talk,” Tina Meier told Lauer, repeating the conversations she had with her daughter: “‘Megan, c’mon, we don’t even know this person. Let’s not get too excited.’ She’d say, ‘Oh, Mom, you don’t understand.’ So I did talk to her daily about that. But children at this age, they don’t think that.”

And the daughter's not listening, that's normal ain't it. I'm a lot older than her and I still don't listen to my mom.

And then the boy turned on Megan, leading a campaign of vilification and online name-calling that ended when Megan took her own life.

I guess he found out she was fat and has ADD. Fuck. What a mean thing to say. Sorry.

For a year, the Meiers kept quiet at the request of both the FBI and local law enforcement officials while they investigated the incident.

Ultimately, investigators told the Meiers that while the hoax was cruel, it was not criminal.

Mom and Dad Meiers: Fuck, noone's contacted us for a book deal yet. Let's go see Matt Lauer.

I agree. It's a hoax. More of a prank gone bad. It's not a crime. That soccer mom woman didn't actually kill the girl. She hung herself. The soccer mom didn't actually tell the kid, Megan, to kill herself.

It's like the "flaming bag of dog poop" prank. The prank-er whould not be held accountable if the prank-ee breaks his/her leg while stomping out the flaming dog poop bag. That's just stupid. If you are a lawyer reading this, please correct me if I'm wrong. If you are someone who thinks I left a flaming poop bag on your porch, I didn't do it. Even if I did, I will never admit to it. And you can't make me.

Continue to monitor your children
The case remains open, though, and the Meiers continue to hope that criminal charges can be filed under a federal law passed in January 2006 that prohibits online harassment.

“We are still continuing on with the fight on the criminal and the civil side,” said Ron Meier.

The family’s story is, Tina Meier told Lauer, a cautionary tale about the trouble that lies in wait for kids on the Internet, a tale made more painful because they had monitored their daughter’s Internet use closely and had talked to her about “Josh” and the events that ended so tragically.

If you can't stand getting flamed online, don't be online. Geez. Such a baby. I might get a little upset if I'm getting flamed sometimes but I get over it. Of course, not before I added that person's email into a bestiality and scat porn junk mail list.

“It was monitored highly,” Tina Meier said of her daughter’s MySpace account. “We had the password. She couldn’t sign on without us. We had to be in the room” when she was online.

Tina, so you say you have to sign in for her and you are in the room when she's online. But do you really see what's on her screen when she is online.

They have not filed a civil suit against the people who invented Josh, but are not ruling that out.

And they also want to warn other parents and children to beware of people online who claim to be their friends.

“Continue to monitor your children,” Tina Meier told Lauer. “Take an extra step. Ask the question. Look at their computers, know what they’re doing. To kids, don’t trust anybody online that you do not know is your true friend.”

Now you say this. If she's looking at her daughter's screen, wouldn't this have caught her attention sooner? Hmmm..sounds a little fishy to me now.

Tina Meier has said that she doesn’t think anyone involved intended for her daughter to kill herself.

Who would? That's just stupid. I guess the new definition of what consists as a good prank and a bad prank would have to be redefined to something that involves the number of dead casualties involved.

Absolutely vile
”But when adults are involved and continue to screw with a 13-year-old, with or without mental problems, it is absolutely vile,” she told the Suburban Journals of Greater St. Louis, which first reported on the case.

Who would have thought an adult would have such free time to do this kind of juvenile shit. It's just crazy.

Tina Meier said law enforcement officials told her the case did not fit into any law. But sheriff’s officials have not closed the case and pledged to consider new evidence if it emerges.

I don't see how.

Megan Meier was described as a “bubbly, goofy” girl who loved spending time with her friends, watching movies and fishing with her dad.

...which is what most teenagers would do. Maybe except the fishing with dad part.

Megan had been on medication, but had been upbeat before her death, her mother said, after striking up a relationship on MySpace with Josh Evans about six weeks before her death.

Josh told her he was born in Florida and had recently moved to the nearby community of O’Fallon. He said he was home-schooled, and didn’t yet have a phone number in the area to give her.

A smart person would have picked this up immediately. Who in their right mind would not have a phone in their home or even a mobile phone? What age are we living at now? What person would sign up for internet service before signing for a phone service? And don't most internet service require a phone line?

Megan’s parents said she received a message from him on Oct. 15 of last year, essentially saying he didn’t want to be her friend anymore, that he had heard she wasn’t nice to her friends.

Josh is an imaginary asshole.

Megan seemed upset
The next day, as Megan’s mother headed out the door to take another daughter to the orthodontist, she knew Megan was upset about Internet messages. She asked Megan to log off. Users on MySpace must be at least 14, though Megan was not when she opened her account. A MySpace spokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment.

Good job mom. Wouldn't mom have picked that up if she was monitoring her daughter's internet habits?

Someone using Josh’s account was sending cruel messages. Then, Megan called her mother, saying electronic bulletins were being posted about her, saying things like “Megan Meier is a slut. Megan Meier is fat.”

He used the words "slut" and "fat". That's a pretty clear indication that the person writing this is not a guy. No guy would ever use the word slut, unless he found out that the girlfriend was cheating on him with a LOT of guys. Most guys don't even care about girls being a little fat. Let me ask you? Honestly. Has anyone ever heard any guy used the words "slut" and "fat in an argument? If we are pissed off, we prefer to call you a "bitch".

Megan’s mother, who monitored her daughter’s online communications, returned home and said she was shocked at the vulgar language her own daughter was sending. She told her daughter how upset she was about it.

Good job Megan. Swearing is good for the soul. Tell them to fuck off.

Megan ran upstairs, and her father, Ron, tried to tell her everything would be fine. About 20 minutes later, she was found in her bedroom. She died the next day.

Her father said he found a message the next day from Josh, which he said law enforcement authorities have not been able to retrieve. It told the girl she was a bad person and the world would be better without her, he has said.

Josh, you imaginary son of a bitch! I hope you rot in the imaginary hell.

Another parent, who learned of the MySpace account from her own daughter, who had access to the Josh profile, told Megan’s parents about the hoax in a counselor’s office about six weeks after Megan died. That’s when they learned Josh was imaginary, they said.

Nice people, don't you think.

Creator of fake account not charged
The woman who created the fake profile has not been charged with a crime. She allegedly told the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department she created Josh’s profile because she wanted to gain Megan’s confidence to learn what Megan was saying about her own child online.

Wow, this mom's fucking paranoid. Let the fucking kids fight. Bicker. Let them gouge out each other's eye. Fuck. Don't be a fucking busybody.

The mother from down the street told police that she, her daughter and another person all typed and monitored the communication between the fictitious boy and Megan.

A person who answered the door at the family’s house told an Associated Press reporter on Friday afternoon that they had been advised not to comment.

And you did nothing about it and you are stil not helping. Bitch.

Megan’s parents had been storing a foosball table for the family that created the MySpace character. Six weeks after Megan’s death, they learned the other family had created the profile and responded by destroying the foosball table, dumping it on the neighbors’ driveway and encouraging them to move away.

I would have woodchipped the fucking foosball table, cremated it, and gave it back to them in a fucking urn.

Megan’s parents are now separated and plan to divorce.

Better still, 2 books. One from each parent. Smart move.

Aldermen in Dardenne Prairie, a community of about 7,000 residents about 35 miles from St. Louis, have proposed a new ordinance related to child endangerment and Internet harassment. It could come before city leaders on Wednesday.

“Is this enough?” Mayor Pam Fogarty said Friday. “No, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s something, and you have to start somewhere.”

A good start I would say.


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