new KITT for the new knight rider movie

Knight Rider is coming to the big screen. There are shitload of speculations on the net on which car will be selected to portray the new movie KITT. My prediction is, like all Hollywood movies, it will be an American car.

For those who are unfamiliar with Knight Rider, here's what the original car (a modified Pontiac Trans Am T-Top) looks like:

kitt classic


Hollywood always insists on using American-made cars in their movies, especially when the car is the main attraction of the movie. Look at Gone in 60 seconds. Of all the cars that Nicholas Cage's character could have boosted, the Hollywood people decided that he'd boost a Shelby Ford Mustang GT 500, and then he's doing a Dukes of Hazard routine with this car as if the suspensions are made of unbreakable material. Or in The Fast and The Furious, where they'd take a muscle car like a Dodge Challenger and race it against against a souped up Supra, which they know, in real life, would never have a chance of winning, and decided to crash it instead of letting it lose the race. Or maybe in Tokyo Drift, I can't even believe they hauled the interiors of a Nissan Silvia and fit it into a stupid Ford Mustang. Why? So that the 'American car' could beat the Japan-made Nissan 350Z, which everyone knows is fucking impossible. How the fuck is he down-shifting the car to create drifts using a Mustang gear stick? It's not even designed for drifting. The weight of the Mustang's body would have caused thrown the car off the cliff, and you'd think an engine that was designed to fit on a light bodied car would not fare so well in a heavy Mustang. So, there is no way that guy (the 'hero' of the movie) would have been able to out drift the Fairlady in that downhill battle in the end of the movie.

Anyhoo..since there's a remake in the horizon, most definitely there's going to be a new car. There's no way that the Trans Am that they used in the TV show will still be used in the movie. So I, like a lot of Google-addicts out there, decided look up any news on the internet on how the new KITT would look like. Here's what I found:

Dave's Adventure Into Boredom, seemed to think that this could be the new KITT. He/she mistook a Pontiac Solstice for a Koenigsegg CCX though. Here's what I found on his website:

Dave's KITT

The owner of heard rumors that it is going to be a Ford Mustang. Why, why does it have to be a Mustang again? Here's shot of the new KITT from Jalopnik's webpage:

Jalopnik's KITT's got a shot of the Koenigsegg CCX in his website, which he thinks is the new KITT. He also thinks that it looks like a Cylon, which I would have to agree.

ShinyPlasticBag's KITT

Since everyone out there has a theory of what the new KITT is going to be, I've decided to make a prediction on my own. I predict that the new KITT is still going to be a Pontiac Trans Am. The reasons are, the Solstice is already featured in Transformers, Mustangs are too common. And as ShinyPlasticBag pointed out, the Koenigsegg just looks too Cylon-ish.

So, I've decided that I will Photoshop my own version of the new KITT. Here's how I think the new KITT would look like, based on the new 2011 Pontiac Trans Am (click to enlarge).

mellowed blues's KITT

So what do you think? When I say think, I meant what the new KITT going to be, not of my crappy Photoshop skills (you can leave me a comment and tell me how much I suck at Photoshop too, that's fine too).

Oohh ooh. I forgot. One last thing. Did everyone know that KITT is voiced by this guy?

mr feeny, william daniels

His name is William Daniels. The older generation will recognize him from St Elsewhere (FYI, he won two Emmys when he was in St Elsewhere). The younger generation will probably know him as the sage-like Mr Feeny from Boy Meets World.

Update: Dec 17, 2007
Please check out Japlonik's site for screenshots of the new KITT. It's confirmed. It's going to be a Mustang. This blows big time. I couldn't believe that they could be so predictable. A Mustang?? *Sigh*

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