stressed, thy name be today

fucking stressed

0700: Woke up. Raining outside. Fuck. Struggled with self whether to go to work today. Lost battle with self and decided that "Fuck, I need to go to work today". Toilet. Shat ( took forever, constipated) and showered. Didn't shampoo. Woke up with bad hair. Hair unmanageable even with bucket-load of gel and wax. Decided to wet hair and pray that whatever hair product left in hair will turn out better when hair dries.

0730: Got dressed. Forgot to iron work shirt last night. Fuck. Decided to wear wrinkled shirt anyways. Stuffed phone and wallet into pants, scoured for matching socks.

0745: Left house. Pants grazed dirty car. Big patch of dirt on left front pant pocket. Lame attempt to rub it out with hand. No good. Fuck. Got into car, turned on ignition. Car started, good. Air con dead. Took a deep breath. Banged head on steering wheel, repeatedly. Still raining.

0757: Stopped by regular dim sum shop to pickup breakfast. No parking - fuck. Parked far away. Shop is out of favorite dim sum. Fuck. Bought alternative. Went back on car.

0800: Forked prawn dumping (Har Kow)with one chopstick as usual, and managed to stuff most of dumpling in mouth. I said "most". The "skin" from dumpling dropped on shirt. Stained shirt, right below the left pocket. Fuck. No time to turn back and change. Decided to stay with stained shirt.

0806: Reached flyover (Kuchai Lama heading towards Sungai Besi highway). Decided to take ramp up to go to Sg Besi highway because ramp seems clear of traffic. Got onto ramp, saw massive gridlock at bottom of ramp, on the other end, right before turning into Sg Besi highway. Started swearing like a muthafucka in car alone.

0807: Noticed it's still raining. Car is fogging up. Can't open window too big because of rain.

0813: Got onto Sg Besi highway. Tried to switch lane. Can't. Gridlock just isn't moving. Had to wind down the window more. It's getting fucking hot in car. Garbage truck pulled up next to car, driver side. Basked in smell of sewer and garbage for 2 minutes. Decided that can't stand that shit no more. Wind up window completely. Sun came up, even in rain. Driver side. Shit. Glare in eye, fucking annoying.

0824: Got off Sg Besi highway. Diverted car to Besraya highway. Traffic is just as fucked up.

0840: Still on Besraya highway. Can't stand "sauna" in car anymore. Decided to get wet from rain instead of sweat. Enjoyed the sweet sound of cars backfiring and array of car honks,and finally topped up with a healthy dose of carbon monoxide. Great, just great.

0848: Managed to get back on Sg Besi highway. Sun still in eye. Right arm is getting wet from the rain. Learned that rain water does nothing to pent up rage. Ironically on "The Morning Crew with JJ and Rudy" today's topic of discussion is on "Pent up rage". Decided not to call radio show because lost handsfree. With current luck, knows for certain that a cop is hiding behind a bush somewhere waiting to bust my ass for talking on phone while driving. Rage is still building up.

0912: 5 minutes from office. Hair dried up. Air con is back. Thought, fucking "YES". Things are turning for the better. Stopped in front of traffic light before turning into office building. Attempted lame last minute effort to fix hair. Forgot to engage hand brake. Car rolled backwards and kissed the car behind while waiting for traffic light to turn green. Fuck. Luckily no damage to car (own and driver behind). Apologized to driver behind me. Got back into car, swear profusely. Started cussing the fuck out of everything. Again, head is planted on steering wheel, repeatedly.

0920: Parked car. Got into office. Punched in. 50 minutes late to work. FUCK! Thank god, I don't have a boss right now.

0923: Set notebook on workstation. Dug out power adapter from bag, found tangled with mouse and phone charger cable. Unable to untangle successfully after 5 minutes. Decided to give up and threw everything on floor.

0930: Took deep breath. Plopped self onto cubicle. Plugged in headphone. Listen to rage music. Decided not to do work. Surprisingly, feeling less rage. Have conversation with own self and own other selves. Praying to god, let a Boeing plane crash into office building right now.

What a fucking morning.


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9:38:00 AM,

At Nov 20, 2007, 8:26:00 PM, Blogger footiam said...

Muslim Car? Interesting! It's high time a car has a religion.  

At Nov 21, 2007, 9:00:00 AM, Blogger mellowed blues said...

Most definitely. However this "car" will not do well in the European and American market.  

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