blogger / internet explorer bug: solving stack overflow at line 54 error

If you are a Blogger user and someone who loves tweaking with the blog template (manually), this is bound to happen.

This is what happened to me. After publishing my template, I noticed that my page loads correctly but I can't really click on any of the links. As soon as I clicked on anything on the page, I get this error (I swiped this picture from Google Image, -- and it's in Spanish I think -- I was too preoccupied with trying to find the fix to this problem and I forgot to take a screenshot):

stack overflow line 54 error

I tried Googling for answers but most of search results either tell me to remove comments, remove backlinks or just switch to Firefox. I refused to do any of those. I love my comments, I love backlinks, and I love my IE, don't ask. I hate not being able to solve these stupid problems. So I went back to the basics. Here's how I solved my 'stack overflow' problem:

  1. Log into your Blogger account. Goto the template page of your blog.
  2. Copy the code from your template onto the clipboard.
  3. Goto the Dashboard of your Blogger account. Click on "Create A Blog" and create a new blog. Choose to set up your template manually.
  4. Paste the code from your original blog onto the template sheet. Publish your test blog.
  5. View your temporary blog on Internet Explorer. If the error doesn't occur there, good news. The problem is not in the template code. If it happens here also, you are so screwed. You need to debug your template's code, which is a hassle to do. What I would do here is, I would try to remove or undo the last thing I did to the template and work backwards from there. If you don't remember, I would start by removing the scripts (the items tagged as < script > ) in your blog template, one at a time.
  6. Now, if you know that your blog's template works, what you need to do now is to recreate and republish your blog template. Goto the Blogger Dashboard, navigate to the template page of you blog.
  7. Select all the codes that are in the Template window, and right-click on your mouse, choose Cut. Your template window should be empty if you did this correctly.
  8. Open Notepad (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad). Paste the content of your blog onto Notepad.
  9. Now select all the text (your template) from the Notepad, and paste them back into your Blogger Template, window.
  10. Click on the "Publish" button to republish your blog.

That should do the trick. I don't know why. I suspect it had something to do with Blogger's template editor doing unnecessary line breaks in your code.

Tell me if this works for you.


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10:24:00 AM,

At May 15, 2008, 11:49:00 PM, Blogger Flick said...

Hello Mellowed,

I was hoping this tip would work for me. However I get a stack overflow at line 1632 on every page here:

Any ideas? Or more URL's related to this I can look at?


At May 19, 2008, 10:54:00 PM, Blogger mellowed blues said...

Hi flick, It's kinda hard for me to tell you what's wrong with your page. I tried clicking on your page, and I didn't get the 'stack overflow' problem.

Maybe there's a problem with your browser. I tried it with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, I clicked on the links, it navigated without any problems.

I found a few websites that might be able to help you with your problem:

And this website has a patch to your browser.

Or maybe, if you are still using Internet Explorer 6, just upgrade it to IE 7.  

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