create your own celebrity look alike collage

I found this cool application online the other day. basically hosts this online application that allows you to upload a photo of to their website, and then the facial recognition software in their website will try to match your face to a celebrity (or celebrities). After they've done the matching, the application will give you the option to save the collage or upload it to some social networking website like Friendster or Facebook.

I've decided to test this website with a few celebrity pictures. Here's what I came up with (click on collage to enlarge):

Helena Bonham Carter as Ari from Planet of the Apes

helena bonham carter as ari collage
I've always suspected that Liza Minelli looks like a monkey. This proves it.

Mike Myers as Austin Powers from Austin Powers

female austin powers
Janeane Garofalo, what the hell happened to you? I thought you were hot in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. You've reduced yourself to a female Austin powers.

Michele Pfeiffer as Lamie from Stardust

michelle pfeiffer as a old hag
This sucks. When Michelle Pfeiffer gets old, she turns into a man.

Me as mellowed blues from mellowed blues

me as carol burnett
And I look like Carol Burnett.

It doesn't work for all pictures. I tried tried this app with "other" celebrities. Namely, this guy:

eric stoltz from mask
Eric Stoltz from Mask

and this guy:

sloth from goonies
Sloth from The Goonies

I guess they don't look 'human' enough. And the weird thing is, a cartoon looks even more human than them because they were able to run it with my avatar.

Also, please check out their other applications, Celebrity Morph and Look-a-like Meter (which compares a child's picture with his/her parents to determine who the child resembles more).

Check it out. Very cool application. I'd like to see what you come up with. Please share.


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