insane trailer, not sure if it's an insane movie

machine girl poster
(Source: Twitch)

MrBabyMan from Digg posted about this insane trailer for a movie called Machine Girl (Kataude mashin gâru) from All I can say is, this movie kicks major ass. Sort of takes Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse and kicks it up a notch, a few notches even.

Why is this trailer awesome?

  1. Japanese schoolgirl in uniform strung up, chained and amputated by sadistic yakuzas - something you don't see everyday or EVER

    amputated limb, ouch

  2. Machine gun attached to an amputated limb - like Rose McGowan in Grindhouse, SWEET!

    machine gun arm

  3. Finger sushi - and I don't mean it like finger food. More like cutting off your own finger and then being forced to eat it on a sushi, wicked sick

    finger sushi

  4. Drill bra - puts guys off trying to round 2nd base
  5. Ninjas - who doesn't like ninjas
  6. Boyband looking yakuzas - wtf?
  7. Blood, lots of blood.
  8. People getting killed in extremely grotesque manner

    death by spraying

And who would have thought this is a real movie. According to IMDB, this movie is currently in production and should be out by 2008. So it's legit.

Can't really wait for the movie to come out!

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