kl to become wireless city from mid-2008. bad idea

wireless connection in toilet

KL to become ' wireless city' from mid-2008
The WiFi facility is aimed at increasing broadband coverage in the Klang Valley to 90 per cent of the population by 2010

KUALA Lumpur is set to be a “wireless city” with free wireless Internet coverage for two years from the middle of next year, Datuk Bandar Datuk Abdul Hakim Borhan said today.

That's bullshit! It's like getting people hooked on the whole wireless thing and then taking it away. Cold turkey. And then if you want to continue using it, you have to pay through your nose.

Doesn't that sound like a drug dealer would do? Like "the first one's free, if you want more, you have to pay to sample the merchandise?".

The WiFi facility, which laptops can readily access, will make it possible for 80 per cent of the federal capital’s 1.5 million residents to access the Internet via broadband, he added.

Yes, everyone can get wireless. But the connection would be a bitch. Everyone would be torrent-ing like there's no tomorrow. Noone would shut down their notebook, ever. Even if people are not torrent-ing, what kind of speed can you expect from a 1.5 million user logging in at the same time. I'd be happy if I can get 1Kbps when surfing the net.

I already get choppy (snail rate connection and sometimes loss of connectivity) connections on my "Scream-X", a hardline broadband. I wonder how the hell they are going pull off this wireless thing. Mark my words, it's going to be big fucking headache. You'd be lucky you get connected for 5 minutes before losing your connection.

Fucking ScreamX. We are dealing with a company that rather invest money in buying hardware to throttle down your P2P connections than expanding their connectivity bandwidth. A company that blames P2P users for hoarding the bandwidth of their broadband connections. A company that blames people for their inadequacies. That's like someone blaming the Viagra for being blue when he can't get wood after popping it. (I know, crude example. I felt like doing a Viagra post).

“This project is aimed at increasing broadband coverage in the Klang Valley to 90 per cent of the population by 2010,” he told reporters after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the KL Wireless Metropolitan project.

The MoU is between Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

MCMC chairman Datuk Halim Shafie and Packet One Networks chief executive officer Michael Lai were the other signatories.

Firstly, how many fucking people in KL can afford a wifi-enabled products? These things cost a bomb. Those who own wifi-enabled products are probably on wireless internet already because

And those who don't own one are are not going to get one. If they could afford one, don't you think they would have gotten one already?

This stupid wireless thing is beginning to sound like a yuppie incentive program. Because, honestly, if you work as an office boy in an expensive city like KL, you'd be happy if your salary could get you through every month. Do you think he/she would risk starvation every month just to get a new wifi notebook just because internet connection is now free (for 2 years)?

Or think of this from this angle. Even if Mr. and Mrs "Nasi Lemak" seller bought a notebook. Who's going to teach them how to get connected? Who's teaching them how to use Windows? Thats a huge assumption that the computer literacy rate in Malaysia is damn high. Yes, government has shown tremendous effort in promoting IT literacy among Malaysians these past few years. But if you really think about it. Computer literacy is basically catered to the young, from an academic stand point only. Teachers these days are supposed to be computer literate so that they can utilize computer is their classes. Students are supposed to know how to use the internet to do their homework. How many of us actually sit down and think about those people who are no longer in school.

Ask yourself, isn't computer literacy only catered for the young? We don't really have a government funded programs that educates the older generation. Are they less important? Don't they deserve to go online and surf for porn like the rest of us? Don't they deserve to have access to information?

The other thing is, did anyone notice that one of the people doing this is Michael Lai? That guy used to be the CEO of Streamyx. We all know how Streamyx turn out to be. Is he going to do another Streamyx clone? Tell me you are not a little worried.

Plus, I see this wireless thing is really a way for Michael Lai to promote his new company. I mean, it's not crazy to really think that he's using this opportunity to get everyone hooked onto this wifi service and if he did this really well, people might just tell Streamyx to fuck off and just switch over to wifi altogether.

Plus, I'm pretty sure he's getting the KL local government to fund this little project of his in some way. Come on, GreenPacket might be big in the US, but they are really a relatively new player in the Malaysian shores. I don't even think they've started any promotional events yet. And to get this thing kicked off, it's going to require a lot of capital. What better way to get this show on the road than building a big list of potential wifi customers whilst getting maximum exposure here in the Klang Valley where majority of the users are already computer literate and have the money to pay for this service?

Or, think of it like this. With a another major player in the Malaysian internet industry, Telekom Malaysia, who owns Streamyx, might actually have to buck up and keep up with all these new emerging companies. They'd be forced to provide a better service if they wish to retain their customers. They can't really adopt that stupid "high and mighty thing" with us anymore if they want to remain competitive.

The way I see it is, the only reason Streamyx is still in business is because they are a monopoly, a federal government protected monopoly. "What monopoly. There's Maxis broadband", you might say.

Let me ask you this question, who owns the phone lines? Even if you are using Maxis broadband, you are still paying for the stupid phone line RM20 subscription fee to TM, which is kind of stupid to be paying TM and Maxis just to get online. Plus, the cost of Maxis broadband is way higher than TM. I'm pretty sure Maxis has to pay TM some undisclosed amount of money for using their line which they've factored into your monthly broadband subscription fee, thus driving the subscription fee for Maxis through the roof.

Maxis probably isn't paying for it. We are.

Abdul Hakim said the three-phased project will be completed in 2010, with the first phase, costing RM60 million, to be carried out between January and September next year.

He did not mention the overall cost.

Phase One will see 1,500 WiFi zones being created, covering commercial centres, office buildings, public housing areas, community centres and public areas.

$60 million? Who wants to bet that the towers are going up in Bangsar or Damansara first? Internet connection for the masses, my ass! The fucking so-called elitists housing areas (places where there are more Mercedes than humans, and more expats per square mile than mosquitoes) will get it first. People staying in Keramat will have to wait. Sentul, maybe, if you are lucky, you'll get it during Phase II.

To be included will be the Golden Triangle and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre which will be the venue for the World Congress on Information Technology 2008 (WCIT 2008) in May, which will have 200 access points.

It's really a fucking disgrace that it wasn't already built in when the place was constructed at the first place.

“This project will raise the quality of City Hall’s service delivery, reduce installation costs, help automate and coordinate in a systematic manner the work processes, improve productivity and overall, propel the e-government initiative,” Abdul Hakim said.

Nice computer, nice connectivity, too bad noone's working at these places when they are supposed to. If only we can stop 'them' from taking their regular 9:30AM breakfast breaks, 3:00PM tea break and 4:3PM early 'clock out' problem.

Earlier, he had read out the speech of the Federal Territories Minister at the function, in which Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique expressed confidence the project will benefit the lower and middle income groups by providing them with unlimited access to ICT besides narrowing the IT gap among the city folks.

“This project will also contribute towards generating economic growth in the country and in the tourism industry besides creating job openings,” he added. — Bernama

Let's see how this goes. I have a very negative outlook to this. Let me know what you think? Well, at least I know I can now surf the net while taking a crap in the KL Convention Center toilet.


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