time magazine's top 10 quotes for 2007

As the year is winding down the end, I've decided to look back at some of the things that happened in 2007 (list borrowed from TIME MAGAZINE's TOP 10 QUOTES OF 2007).

911 the truth
Source: PrisonPlanet.com

#1. "I really am not the kind of guy that sits here and says, 'Oh gosh, I'm worried about my legacy.'"
— President GEORGE W. BUSH, when asked about his falling approval numbers and mounting criticism of the Iraq War during an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes (1/14/07)

What legacy? Let's take a look at his so-called legacy.

I'd be embarrassed too if those were my legacies.

mr garrison i'm not gay
Source:Comedy Central

#2. "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your country."
— MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, Iranian President, responding to a question about the treatment of gays and lesbians in Iran during a visit to Columbia University in New York City (9/24/07)

What kind of homosexuals live in Iran? How many types of homosexuals are there? Are homosexuals like onions? They have like a whole layered thing about them?

Maybe what he meant was that even if you are a homosexual in Iran, you can't really be a homosexual, well openly at least. Because they kill homosexuals there. Look up Makvan Mouloodzadeh, or check out this posting by the Beirut Indymedia.

barry bonds on steroids

#3. "This record is not tainted at all. At all. Period."
— San Francisco Giants slugger BARRY BONDS, after breaking Hank Aaron's Major League Baseball all-time home-run record with his 756th career homer amidst rampant speculation that he has used steroids. Bonds has always denied that he ever "knowingly" used performance-enhancing substances, but he was indicted in November for allegedly lying to a federal grand jury about using them (8/7/07)

Just check his balls. Are they shriveled up like dried raisins? If they are, he's on the "juice". But, so what if he's on the juice. I say, if any of these athletes want to pollute their body with drugs let them do it. If, you are going to say it's not fair to the ones who are not using them. Fuck em. Cry babies. Athlete's are supposed to win. If they don't win, they don't get endorsements and they don't get contracts. If athlete's don't make money, they won't play. And when they won't play, we don't see people batting 756 homers. Instead, we get to see the major league wannabes losers who can't even run through all 4 bases without huffing and puffing out a lung 'attempt' to play ball.

Or are you going to be the high and mighty person and tell me that drugs are bad for them, blah blah blah? Marilyn Monroe bleached her hair to make herself the most famous movie star of the 50s, knowing fully well that the hair bleach is toxic. Pamela Anderson made herself blond and had silicone put into her boobs and, silicone implants as we all know, causes breast cancer. Yet she the #1 sex symbol of the world.

It's double standards here, I tell you.

#4. "If you didn't like Darfur, you're going to hate Baghdad."
— Gen. DAVID H. PETRAEUS, warning of the consequences of an early troop withdrawal from Iraq (8/14/07)

I don't really get it. Is he recommending the Americans to pull out or not? I couldn't really get a clear readout on the guy. His report to Congress sounded a little too political to my taste. To paraphrase, he's saying "pull out but not too quickly". I don't see clearly what's his stand on the whole Iraq withdrawal situation. It sounded to me that he was being safe, not to pissed of both the pro and anti-war coalitions. Maybe, he's laying the groundworks for presidency for 2012?

If you are interested, you can read the report here.

#5. "This is it. This is where it all ends. End of the road. What a life it was. Some life."
— Virginia Tech gunman CHO SEUNG-HUI, in a chilling video he made and sent to NBC News before killing 32 people and committing suicide in the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history (4/16/07)

I don't know why, it sounded very 'Catcher in the rye' to me. Very much like a suicidal Holden Caufield. You know what, life sucks. Deal with it. Don't be life's bitch.

I know this is a mean thing to say, but if you are going to kill yourself, please do it somewhere remote. You don't want your mom and dad, or spouse, or sibling to find you lying there dead. Not a good sight, and it sucks to be the person who found you. The shock is just ..er.. shocking. And please make sure you removed all the porn from your room and your computer before you do so. Of one more thing, please try not to kill anyone when you kill yourself. Like gunning everyone down with an automatic weapon at the mall, post office or school, or if you are leaping off a high rise building, please make sure you don't land on anyone.

If you are looking for a way to die, please checkout my post on "How does it feel to die? my exploration of death"

hillary clinton wants your baby

#6. "I don't think they're piling on because I'm a woman. I think they're piling on because I'm winning."
— HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, on intensifying criticism by rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination (11/02/07)

Nice. That's like saying "in your face, loser!" but in a nice politically correct and scholarly way. Hillary all the way! I don't know why, at the back of my mind, I can hear Oprah saying "You go girlfriend!". Weird.

Here's the latest polling results, if you are interested.

Al gore wants paris hilton

#7. "The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton. We have to ask ourselves what is going on here?"
— AL GORE, in an interview with the British paper The Sun, before adding that he believes in ten years it will be too late to save the planet (6/18/07)

So Al, I guess the best way to campaign this is to get Paris Hilton to do the talks on global warming...hah ...mmmpph. Sorry. I thought I could say that with a straight face. That's like asking Forrest Gump to explain the inner workings of the human anatomy.

#8. "I spent the better part of the past three months enduring criticism that is normally leveled at some kind of genocidal tyrant."
— RUPERT MURDOCH, News Corporation owner, on the outcry over his purchase of the Wall Street Journal (8/8/07)

Oh Rupert. They are just pissed off that their reputed newspaper is now owned by an Australian. A non-practicing Australian. An Australian who doesn't want to be an Australian. An Australian who wants to be an American, who is an American now. The only American that sounds like the Crocodile Hunter.

yo wassup

#9. "Hello, Condoleezza Rice? You have me to deal with now."
— A MASKED HAMAS GUNMAN, joking into the telephone of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after taking control of their rival's government compound (6/15/07)

Phone rings. Condoleezza Rice picks up the phone.

Condoleezza Rice: Hello.
Hamas Gunman #1: Hey Condy, wassup.
Condoleezza Rice: Nothing. Smoking a blunt, having a Bud. Wassup with you?
Hamas Gunman #1: Nothing. Smoking a blunt, having a Bud.
Condoleezza Rice: True, true.

George W Bush enters the room.

George W Bush: Waaaaaaasup!
Condoleeza Rice: Waaaaasup!
Hamas Gunman #1: Yo, who that?
Condoleezza Rice: Yo Georgy, pick up the phone.

George W picks up the phone.

George W Bush: Hello?
Hamas Gunman #1: Waaaassssuup!
George W Bush: Wasssuupp!
Condoleezza Rice: ..... uuup!
George W Bush: Yo, where's Dooly (short for Abdullah,Gunman #2)?
Hamas Gunman #1: Yo, Dooly, pick up the phone.

Dooly was polishing his AK-47, picks up the phone.

Dooly: Yo.
George W Bush: Wasssuupp!
Dooly: Waaaaaaahhhhsaaaapppp!
Hamas Gunman #2: Wasssuupp!
George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice: Wasssup!

The intercom to the Oval Office buzzes. George W clicks on the intercom.

Collin Powell: Wassssup!
Hamas Gunman #1, Hamas Gunman #2, Condoleezza Rice: Wasssuppp!
George W Bush: Wasssssuuup.

George W Bush, Hamas Gunman #2 (AKA Dooly) and Collin Powell hangs up.

Hamas Gunman #1: So what's up Condy?
Condoleezza Rice: Nothing. Chillin. Smoking a blunt having a Bud.
Hamas Gunman #1: True, true.

hugo chavez, you've been pwned.

#10. "Why don't you just shut up?"
— KING JUAN CARLOS, of Spain, to Hugo Chávez at a summit in Chile after the Venezuelan President called former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar a fascist (11/10/07)

Hugo Chavez, you have just been pwned!

Ha ha. Interesting year indeed.

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