are men are becoming pussies? is this where we are heading?

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Is it me, or are men growing softer? Is being a more feminine man more acceptable these days. When I say these days, I mean, days where we find men doing facial with chemical exfoliation and going to spas and shit. Where men utter things like "Am I getting fat?", instead of their woman.

That's not even it. We are at an age where.. let me start from the beginning... there I was just sitting at McD the other day, while waiting to watch a "man movie" Rambo 4, and I happen to snap these (discretely, I might add):

handbag pussy no. 1

handbag pussy no. 1
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Notice those "guys" (and I use the term loosely) are holding onto their girlfriends' handbags. You'd think the guy was holding onto the girlfriends' bag while she goes to the loo (which is still acceptable to me), but no. They were walking around the fucking mall like hand-in-hand, with her holding onto nothing. The guy was carry his own bag and her bag. The guy didn't even notice it. He looked like he was happy to do it. He didn't even wince or anything. Nothing. I mean, WTF?

I know this is going to piss of a lot of my women readers but this has got to stop. Men, please make it a point NOT to carry your wives or girlfriends' handbags. It's just ridiculous. You LOOK ridiculous. It's like asking Carson from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" to put on a flannel shirt with jeans jacket with Birkenstock sandals. The atrocity!

No poontang is worth such humiliation.

With the whole women lib movement being in full force especially this year (especially with Hillary Clinton running for president), are we men doomed to be our woman's bitches for good? Women are the bosses in the relationship now. Men don't really have a say in anything anymore.

They dictate where and what we eat ("I don't want to eat there, the cook serves veal. That's animal cruelty. And he puts a lot of oil in his cooking, I'm on a diet. Let's have a salad instead"), how we sleep ("Honey, can you please switch off the air conditioner, its cold in here and I hate being in the comforter"), how we work ("Darlng, you should definitely tell your boss that he is giving you too much work"). Shit, and has anyone ever notice that when you are trying to switch lanes in a gridlock, women are the most unyielding people in the world? You move, they move. And I don't know why, this never happens with men.

Maybe because women are becoming men a lot faster than men are becoming women. Maybe all the bra burning movement in the 70s, sort of started like an underground rebellion movement by the women to emasculate men, one penis at a time. Maybe that's why moms don't want their boys to climb tree (I know some girls climb trees too). Not because its the safe thing to do. Maybe it's because it's a male thing to do. Even dads these days are trained to be more subservient to the moms. You tend to hear a lot of "Yes, dear" these days, coming from mouths of a lot of men. I've never heard that shit with my parents when I was growing up. Don't believe me? Try and eavesdrop on your married friends sometime (someone your age please), especially the ones with kids. You'll probably hear something like this:

Kid: Dad, can I dig a hole at the yard.
Dad: I don't know, son. Ask you mom.

Even dads have to ask the moms about such simple things. I don't think that the dads don't care about the kid. It's just that dads are afraid of the moms. Oops, I meant, dads respect moms opinions more these days.

Of course, the whole women lib thing, with women being more independent and strong and possessing what traditionally deemed as male qualities aren't necessary all bad.

At least now I know, when I let any of my female friends go home alone, and if they encountered some sicko pervert, they'd know how to mace the mofo. And pull the foot to groin move on them.

But these are confusing times too. Especially when you are a man. It's not easy being a man in the new millennium. A simple thing like paying for dinner is no longer a simple thing. Some women expect the guy to pay for dinner. Some women pretend that they want to pay themselves, but if you let them pay, they call you "cheap". Or some, if you don't let them pay, they get insulted. Or if you spring for dinner, they'd insist that they have to pay for dessert. Hard times ahead indeed.

The boundary of what is socially expected from each sex getting blurrier everyday. What's expected of us before might no longer be valid. Man, no longer need to the the strong and dominant person. Woman are no longer viewed as a weaker sex, physically maybe, but other than that, Women are far superior than men in many many way. At least when it comes to physical torture, we, men will probably break first. Why? Have you have period cramps? I heard its a bitch, and women have it a few days every month of their life?

They wear corsets and heels. And I know those are a bitch to wear, not that I've worn them. Yet. Women squirt out baby bowling balls from a tiny orifice, after holding it in for 9 month! I mean, come on! Nothing can compare to that.

Finally, for the ladies who are reading this. Bring a smaller bag, so that you don't get tired from carrying it, and pass it off to your man. But if you insist on your man carrying your bag, please observe the following rules:

  1. Nothing pink
  2. Nothing cute on or hanging onto the bag. That means no Hello Kitty
  3. Nothing that if any of your man's friends see it would cause embarrassment to him

And men, if you are reading this. Again, try not to carry your woman's bag. Fake an old sport injury if you have to. You know the drill.


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