malaysian health minister admits he was caught on video having sex with a woman

definition of sex tape

Chua says sorry over sex DVD

SEGAMAT: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has admitted that he is the politician shown in the sex DVD that is being circulated in Johor.

Another politician sex tape? it's something new. This is NOTHING new. Come one, Chu Mei Feng (Taiwan), Yahya Zaini (Indonesia), ring any bells? What's the big deal? But funny how this happens to surface when its election year.

He said the woman seen in the DVD was a personal friend.

Oh, god forbid it's with a non personal friend. Having sex with a personal friend makes it better than a non-personal friend? WTF? Just for fun, lets look the the definition of the word friend. According to Wordnet at Princeton, a friend is defined as:

In a press conference yesterday, Dr Chua said: “Who did it and why is obvious – but it is not important now. What is most important is that my family, wife and children have personally accepted my apology.”

He's saying it like he knows who made the video. Maybe he knows. Maybe he doesn't. So what. What's important is damage control. Fuck the wife and kids.

chua soi lek and his posse

Dr Chua flanked by Tenang assemblyman Datuk Sulaiman Taha (left) and Tan speaking to reporters at the press conference held at the Labis MCA office Tuesday.

Him and his pussy posse.

His wife Datin Seri Wong Sek Hin said later in a statement that she and the family would stand by him. Dr Chua, who is MCA vice-president and Labis MP, said he would not be resigning over the sex DVD but would let the Prime Minister decide on the matter.

What else do you expect the wife to say? I mean, we all know she won't divorce his stupid ass and forgo the fucking millions she's entitled to for being the wife of a minister. Fucking politicians are all the same. They'd probably have more skeletons in their closet than the fucking killing fields. A smart politician wife is a tolerant wife. A smart politician wife is someone who'll keep quiet and pretend everything is alright even know she knows otherwise. Look at Hillary Clinton. She kept her cool when her husband was caught getting blowjobs from interns. Now she's running for president.

“I have seen Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and I have personally apologised to them,” he said, reading from a one-page statement.

So what. The damage is already done to the party.

He also apologised to Malaysians, his supporters and colleagues.

I don't really care. He's done nothing for me. I can excuse the sexual discretions but not the stupidity of getting himself caught on video.

Dr Chua said he did not record the video clip.

Of course he didn't. If he did, noone would know it was him. It's going to be on 'penis-cam' (first person) like Pam and Tommy Lee's video. You'll probably see the cock going into and out of orifices of the female companion and nothing else. Just closeup shot.

“I saw the DVD on Sunday when a friend gave a copy to me,” he said. He said he was unsure whether the clips were recent or old.

I think he was misquoted. I think this conversation probably took place:

Friend: Dude, check out this DVD I found at the pasar malam (that's night market for you, my non-Malaysian friends). This dude looks kinda like you.
Chua Soi Lek(CSL): Firstly, why the fuck are you buying porn from the pasar malam when you know fully well that you could download that shit for free over the internet. And secondly, what dude that looks like me?
Friend: This guy. This sex tape guy. He looks kinda like you.
CSL: Pop that shit into the DVD, nigga. Don't keep a brutha waiting. Show me.
Friend: (pops DVD into the player, and said) This dude, dude.
CSL: Fuck.
Friend: That's you, right? That's you face right there?
CSL: Yes.
Friend: Pretty good performance, for an old guy. You gave yourself some prescription blue pills? A little medicinal assist eh? You are a doctor after all.
CSL: Fuck you. That hard on is all me alright? None of that Viagra shit. Plus, you saw her right? Schhhwwwiing! If she lives in the prehistoric times, she'll be called Babe-a-saurus Rex. Schhhwwwiing! Schhhwwwiing!
Friend: ...
CSL: I mean, look at her. Look at my wife. No fucking brainer.
Friend: But they caught you.
CSL: Fuck it. I'm going to rock out with my cock out!

Well, he can't do much anyways. It's his stupid face on the video. Maybe he should have taken the "I fucked her, but I didn't enjoyed it" route, sort of like a play on Clinton's "smoked but didn't inhale".

And check out his quote earlier, "He said he was unsure whether the clips were recent or old". How many fucking times has he done this? My god. What a stupid fuck, he's admitted to several other extramarital encounters and filming them too.

Asked about his political future, Dr Chua said: “I leave it to party members, leaders and the Malaysian public to be the judge. It's not for me to speculate.”

What else can he do right? Sit and wait.

Dr Chua, who was clad in a yellow batik shirt, said he met with Abdullah on Monday.

Asked about what had transpired and the reactions from Abdullah, Najib and Ong, he said it was better to get the reactions from them as he could not comment on their behalf.

Najib, Abdullah, Ong (behind closed doors): Hi-5 dude. High 5. What are you on?
Abdullah: Yes, seriously dude, what are you on? I mean, how the fuck did you manage to keep it up for hours? Help a brutha out, the missus is complaining.

On his next course of action, Dr Chua said: “I will think about it after meeting the press.”

CSL: Hmm, maybe I can add it to my resume when they are forced to sack me.

He said that although so far no police report had been lodged, the Inspector General of Police himself has initiated investigations.

“Of course, as a responsible citizen I will assist in the police investigations. It is a crime to intrude into people’s privacy or into a person’s room,” he said.

The Inspector General's probably thinking, "I better nab that sum-bitch before he turns up with my sex tape".

Dr Chua said it would be business as usual for him. He had earlier attended a function at the Segamat hospital before holding the press conference at 4.10pm.

A little meet and greet, to show everyone that even with his sex addiction, he's can still perform the duties of a minister.

Also present at the packed press conference were about 100 supporters and leaders, including state MCA deputy liaison chief Tan Kok Hong, Pulai Sebatang assemblyman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, Senai Assemblyman Chun Yoon Fook and Pengkalan Rinting assemblyman Low Teh Hian.

Him and his pussy posse hard at work. Admirable.

After the press conference, Dr Chua left for Bekok to meet with the Indian community there. “I will not let people tarnish, prevent and stop me from carrying the duties entrusted to me as a minister, MP and party leader,” he said.

He thanked his colleagues, supporters and Malaysians for their concern and support which he had received through phone calls and SMSes.

Asked how his family was coping, Dr Chua appealed to the press to give him and his family space during this difficult time.

CSL: Stop fucking digging. My wife doesn't have a sex tape damnit. I don't even like to have sex with my wife. Let alone, film us together. Eww.

I saw the this on the Sun newspaper today.

chua soi lek sex video jan 2, 2008 the sun newspaper

I guess Neo is no longer the One.


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11:43:00 AM,

At Jan 4, 2008, 9:59:00 PM, Blogger MerDuriaN said...

zzz so? as the conclusion do you agree Dr Chua resign his post?  

At Jan 5, 2008, 1:07:00 AM, Blogger mellowed blues said...

To me, it doesn't really matter.

Is it morally wrong? I guess it is. Adultery is definitely wrong in a lot of people's book.

But is it that serious until he should resign from his post? I think not. Bill Clinton didn't resign when he was caught doing Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

Someone is definitely targeting him. Someone went through a heck of an effort to make the tape and anonymously distribute it to the public.

He admitted that he did it. What else do they want from him? Blood? First born?  

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