malaysian mp wife admitted to ICU for botched plastic surgery

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Malaysia prompts draft guidelines for cosmetic surgery
Sun, Jan 20 02:16 PM

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 20 (IANS) The wife of a Malaysian MP is fighting for her life following a botched cosmetic surgery, prompting the government to plan guidelines for aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Serves you right, you vain bitch! A cheap, vain bitch, in fact. No. A stupid, cheap, vain bitch.

Stupid because she ignored the ignored the cardinal rule of medical consultation. "Reference, reference, reference". Get some testimonial from an ex-patient or something. You'd think someone would do a little background check, on their surgeon before letting these hack of doctors carve them up. This so-called plastic surgeon of hers took a 3-week correspondence course in plastic surgery. I mean, come on. A 3-week correspondence course? I can't even finish one semester of "Biology 101" in 3 months.

Cheap because, she's a Datin (look it up here if you don't know what a Datin is) ferchrissakes. Can't she afford to pay for an overseas surgery? Get one of those Extreme Makeover guys to do it, they've never fucked up, well, not that I know off. You know their work. No offense to the Malaysian medical community, but I no confidence in their (M'sian doctors) work at all.

One, the whole healthcare industry has become like a business. I sincerely don't feel like they care about their patients. They look at you like a fucking cash cow. I dare you to tell them that you have health insurance the next time you are the hospital. Tell them that you have a fever. They'd recommend that you go through the works, the CT Scans, EKGs, the blood work, the poking and probing, before telling you have a stupid flu. And if you tell them you don't have insurance, and you are paying for it yourself, they'd just give you a few pills and tell you to come back in a few days if you are not dead yet. Fucking double standard.

The other thing is, have you noticed all the doctors in the hospitals are fucking young, the older ones usually have their own practice? Walking through GH KL, is like walking through a sea of fucking Dougie Housers with a little facial hair? Geez. I'm sorry, but if I'm going to let someone cut me up, I'd prefer it if he's at least done it a few times first.

Thirdly, and finally, I just have no confidence in our education system. It's like everyone's a fucking doctor these days. How can I trust you to cut me if you can't even hold a decent conversation in English (I'm not saying I have perfect English, but at least I can hold a decent conversation without resorting to explaining things in another language. I'm not someone who's pro West btw, I have complaint about them too). Heck, even our national standard for excellence *cough* SIRIM *cough, cough* isn't even recognized by other countries. I'd take foreign grad doctor anytime over our local grad doctor, thank you very much.

Finally, Vain because when she went for plastic surgery, it's not because she needed it. She didn't get into freak accident that left her deformed like a fucking Frankenstein monster. She's not a fucking celebrity or a prostitute. She doesn't need to look good to make a living. She's just doing to satisfy her stupid vanity. Maybe that's God punishment for her. She's a multiple sin offender. Pride (the worst sin of all) and Sloth. Pride for loving herself so much and not be content with God's gift. Sloth of being a stupid fat pig who resort to surgical corrections instead of "tears and sweat" exercises to loose those stupid "spare tires" around her gut.

The ministry of health has picked up for questioning a doctor in his 30s who treated the woman. The doctor and the 44-year-old woman have not been named.

See, first mistake. Young doctor.

The woman is on a life-support machine at a private hospital and her condition is very critical, The New Straits Times said Sunday.

'All she wanted was to look good. She had an eye bag surgery, a tummy tuck and liposuction. Now she is unconscious and has been hooked to the life-support machine since last Friday,' the newspaper said.

Pray for her. Pray for it to be over soon. If you are thinking that I'm wishing that she die soon and get it over with, I'm not. Shame on you.

'We are investigating and action will be taken against the doctor if he is found not qualified to do the surgery or (if he) had performed shoddy work,' director general of health Ismail Merican said.

They need to do an investigation on someone who fucked up a surgery big time after he went to a 3-week correspondence course? That's not enough? If that's not grounds for conviction, I don't know what is.

But I doubt anything serious would happen to the guy. I mean, the lady did sought him out. It's not like he solicited her. Plus, even before the surgery, I'm pretty sure she signed a fucking waiver, which would later be used to exhonorate him anyways. It's not like he's performing the surgery without any license, he's certified isn't he? Legally, the most he'd get is probably a slap on the hand and he might loose his license to practice, big deal. He could be a lecturer at a local college. Like they say, those can't do, teach.

A plastic surgeon who declined to be named said the woman could have suffered brain damage.

Which plastic surgeon is this? The guy who cut her up, or some guy who diagnosed her? If it's the guy who cut her up, I wouldn't want my name to be in the papers either. How would it look on his resume if his only published work was to put someone in ICU?

And the brain damage bit? You sure she didn't have it before she went to see the doctor?

Merican said the ministry was coming out with guidelines on aesthetic medical practices.

To quote Jojo, "too little too late" ain't it?

'Those who want to go into such practice must have evidence-based training and procedure. We do not allow doctors who have completed a three-week correspondence programme to do aesthetic medicine and surgery,' he said.

Apparently they did.

But I don't see what's the big deal here. Just because she's the MP's wife, now, all of us are supposed to care? We are supposed to give a rat's ass because she's some big shot's wife? I'm wondering if the government would do anything if it was just some random fat woman? Nigga please.

This just shows how much we are behind the world when it comes to shit like this. Like the Chinese proverb, "Hugging the Buddha's leg at the last minute", which can be translated to "the ball gets rolling once the shit hits the fan". Shouldn't this stuff be already part of your medical law or something already? Geez, this plastic surgery shit has been around for some time already. A couple hundreds of years (who knew. I wikipedia-ed it), in fact. But in Malaysia, it's been around since the 70s. Even after being around for 30 odd years or so, we should be fucking ashamed of ourselves because we still don't really have any really concrete laws on the practice of plastic surgery. WTF!


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