standard workday for me

shit at work baby

Typical day at work for me.

  1. 8:45AM Arrive at work, late. Punch in. Pretend to look frustrated. Head straight to cubicle without making any eye contact until properly seated.
  2. 8:50AM Remove notebook from bag. Place notebook on table. Plug in mouse, headphone and LAN cable. Power up notebook.
  3. 8:51AM Propose to workstation by going on one knee to plug in AC adapter to power socket under workstation. Once placed AC adapter is power socket, get out from under workstation to consummate the marriage by sticking the AC adapter's 'power stick' into notebook's 'hole'.
  4. 9:00AM Log into network. Load Outlook. Click 'Send/Receive' and wait for mail to download. Leave cubicle while waiting for mail to download.
  5. 9:10AM Head to cafeteria. Get food. Look for fellow slacker. Position ass at fellow slackers' table. Force self to scarf down cold breakfast as food is not heated.
  6. 10:00AM Stroll back to cubicle. Position ass at cubicle.
  7. 10:05AMLog back onto network. Check Outlook mail. Reply if/when necessary.
  8. 10:20AM Load Hotmail and Gmail. Read and clear spam. Check for job postings from Jobstreet and JobsDB. Apply if interested. Forward to friends if applicable.
  9. 10:35AM Read news from Internet.
  10. 10:50AM Work/pretend to work/blog/day dream/stare at wall/plan weekend (if it's a Friday).
  11. 12:30PM Look for lunch buddies. Lunch. Go for "offsite" if mood strikes.
  12. 02:00PM Get back to office. Repeat step 10.
  13. 03:30PM Run to convienient store in office building to get gum before fall asleep on cubicle.
  14. 04:45PM Do some Photoshop work for Blog.
  15. 05:15PM Check weather and traffic from office window.
  16. 05:30PM Unplug everything. Shove notebook without shutting down (leave on Standby mode) and cables into bag. Punch out. Leave quietly to avoid being given the 'evil eye' for leaving on time.

Rinse and repeat, Monday through Friday.

Just like this stupid song I found on Youtube.

Anyone doing the same thing?

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