wtf, where was i when evil dead turned into a musical?

Where was I when this happened? Was I in some sort of hibernation when this happened? Was my "net-dar" (internet radar, like the much like the gay-dar) out of whack? Rosie O'Donnell was still on the View, and this was Halloween. It can't be that long ago, can it?

This is just sick. They turned a classic into a piece of shit amateur musical. And the sad part is Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell green-lighted this piece of crap. The songs suck. The cast looks stupid. What were they thinking?

What's next? Exorcist the Musical. Wait. That already happened.

Fucking hell. What's the deal with all these musicals? Can't they just leave the classics, classics? What else? Braindead the Musical? Re-Animator? Fucking hell.

My only solace is that I know Sam Raimi is making another Evil Dead movie in 2009. But please, PLEASE bring Ash Back.

Anyone think I should start an online petition just to make sure Sam Raimi doesn't fuck it up and replace the Ash character with Matt Damon or something?

Support me. Support Ash! Support Bruce Campbell!

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