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Man admits desecrating corpse of 92-year-old
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Star-Ledger Staff

A lab technician accused of sexually abusing the corpse of a 92-year-old woman inside a Teaneck hospital morgue pleaded guilty yesterday to desecration of human remains.

Kidding, right? Did someone dare him to do it or something? Jeez. It's bad enough that he's fucking a corpse, he had to choose an old wrinkly corpse? What, there aren't any young corpse for you to violate, you sick fuck? This fucker has some serious Norman Bates issues, coupled with some sexually depraved geriatric tendencies.

Anthony Merino, 25, of Manhattan faces up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced for the second-degree crime on July 11. But under a complicated plea agreement negotiated between his attorney, Savyon Grant, and the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, Merino could file a motion to have his sentence reconsidered and be placed on five years' probation after serving 11 months, 15 days in prison. The prosecutor's office agreed not to oppose the motion, if filed.

That's some Johnny Cochran shit right there. All he got for violating someone's dead grandma was a slap on the wrist? WTF?

What's written on everyone's tombstone epitaph is not entirely true, isn't it. There is no R.I.P. when you are dead. R.I.P only will happen when you are cremated or go six-feet under with your coffin sealed for good. You are still vulnerable to being violated even when you are dead. As long as you stay, above ground or not turned into ashes, you are in danger of getting violated by some sick fuck out there.

It's just sad to think about this. I mean, you've had to watch out for muggers, rapists, killers and any regular psychos for every fucking waking moment when you are alive. And when you are dead, you've got to watch out for necrophiliacs. Fuck! This shit never ends. And then, who knows, after a couple of hundreds of years later, someone might decide to dig into your grave and start doing some archaeological carbon dating on your remains. The probing begins. I mean, look what happens to the mummies in Egypt.

And since there's no law against necrophilia, any fucker could fuck you in the ass when you are lying in the morgue, without any fear of legal repercussions.

Merino was arrested Oct. 28 when a security guard observed him engaged in sexual activity with the body of the deceased woman inside a morgue at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck. Merino was a newly employed, part-time lab tech at the hospital at the time.

Caught in the act by security guards? Maybe he wanted to get caught. Maybe it was part of the thrill. Maybe he was being adventurous that night. Maybe he was being extra kinky.

It's a part time job? What's his other job? Embalmer? Morgue attendant? Undertaker? Mortician?

I bet that sick fuck took the job because of the fringe benefit of being able to fuck all the corpse he wants, and get paid for it. I bet this fucker couldn't get girls in real life, he had to resort to fucking dead grandmas. Sick fucking loser.

At a hearing in Bergen County Superior Court yesterday, Merino admitted to the desecration.

Can he deny it? His cock was inside the corpse? His pants was down ain't it?

As part of his plea, Merino agreed to undergo a full psychological evaluation and will be prohibited from working at a hospital, morgue, cemetery or anywhere else where he could have access to human remains.

He shouldn't even allowed to be near dying people. He might kill them just because he wanted to have sex with their corpse.

And the psychological evaluation? Probably wouldn't work. Did it do wonders for Hannibal Lector?

Merino previously turned over his laptop computer to authorities for use in his psychological evaluation and to help determine his therapeutic needs.

I bet they would have found tons of zombie pictures in this laptop.

The desecration of human re mains is not a Megan's Law offense, and Merino will not be required to register as a sex offender.

Of course. The world blows!


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