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Protesters target Malaysian fuel price hike

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — Malaysia's government faced street demonstrations and public outrage Thursday over its decision to hike petrol prices 41 percent overnight, in a bid to curb its massive subsidies bill.



Is it me or is the opposition people always around during this kind of things.


We Malaysians are cheap bastards. Or we're just damn careful with our money.


This is fucking hilarious. Petrol station running out of petrol.


Dude: This shit is fuckin expensive.


Opposition groups held protests in downtown Kuala Lumpur and in the northern city of Ipoh, putting further pressure on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is fighting to keep his job after disastrous March elections.

And he pulled this shit on us after fucking up in the elections? Sure, his excuse "everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't we". And the Indians too.

"The effect is going to be a tremendous burden to people, especially the poor," said Democratic Action Party lawmaker Teresa Kok, one of about 100 people at the Kuala Lumpur rally.

Hell yeah. About a quarter of KL-ites are living in poverty to be exact. A family of four, living in squatters with less than RM500 income. Of course, there is the argument that if you can't afford the petrol, you shouldn't be driving. But that's sort of the intention of the government ain't it.

Think about it. The government imposes high taxes on imported cars. People can't afford fuel efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid cars. The government is forcing everyone to buy our stupid Proton cars because they make any non-Proton car damn expensive to own.

Everyone else is shouting "AFTA, AFTA", and yet we are the only one prolonging this. If every country in the region has agreed to do this, why the fuck aren't we? We are the only ones saying, "sure free trade's just great, as long as I can delay mine". Who in their fucking right mind would want to trade with us if we don't do the same for them. We want free trade from them but we don't offer them the sale deal? WTF?

Police officers and riot squads armed with batons and shields dispersed the crowd, which waved banners reading "Petrol is hiked but salaries are not".

This is a stupid reason for a riot. "Petrol is hiked by salaries are not"? Blame your fucking employers. If your boss is not giving you a salary adjustment for this, seems pretty unfair to blame the government. You should be blaming your boss. Maybe you also should be blaming yourself. Stop taking tea-breaks in the middle of day. Stop taking 3 hour lunches.

Organisers said more than 100 people attended the Ipoh rally and that more demonstrations are planned for the coming weeks.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, though, criticised the "illegal" demonstrations and urged the public not to "over-react" to the price hikes.

In other words, chill out. Its inevitable. Can't expect the government not to raise petrol prices if everywhere around the world is raising theirs. It's the energy crisis fercrissakes.

But the sad part in all this is, if we are one of the top producers of petroleum in the world, why the fuck are we paying through our sphincters for petrol? Shouldn't we cater to our own people first before exporting this shit elsewhere? The government always advocate to "buy Malaysian product". Isn't petrol a Malaysian product? Why is it that, we export this shit overseas, then buy it back at a premium price? Why couldn't they sell it to us, Malaysians first, and if there's extra, sell it overseas. Basic economics ain't it?

"It is not a political issue but a national issue that we all need to try and tackle together, regarding the rise of oil and energy prices at the global level," he told reporters.

Yeah, yeah. Heard that before. *Yawn*

The new pump price for petrol will be 2.70 ringgit (0.84 dollars) and 2.58 ringgit for diesel. Petrol previously cost 1.92 ringgit, among the cheapest in Asia.

Other Asian countries don't export petrol.

Abdullah's announcement on Wednesday evening triggered chaos across the country as motorists swamped fuel stations to fill up before the measure took effect, bringing traffic to a standstill in Kuala Lumpur.

Stuck in a fucking traffic jam on my way home from work. Fuck!

The premier indicated that further increases were in the pipeline as Malaysia moves to completely abandon fuel price controls that would have cost 17.4 billion dollars this year -- about a third of the national budget.

If this is 1/3 of our national budget, where the fuck did the 2/3 go?

Motorists who turned up at petrol stations Thursday to pay sharply higher prices to fill their tanks were furious over the decision.

"We can do nothing about this government increase -- we have to buy fuel, otherwise how can we go to work?" said 56-year-old engineer K. Letchumanan.

I feel you, K. Letchumanan. Our fucking public transport is so fucking unreliable. Take the public bus for instance. There's a schedule. But the fucking drivers don't give a fuck about the schedule. How many of us has sat on the fucking bus stand for an hour waiting for a bus that is supposed to be there every 15 minutes?

Or let's say that we somehow manage to get on a bus. Fuck. Have you seen the fucking bus fatality rates these days? Every week, without fail. Some fucking bus driver will plow the stupid bus into a ditch killing some sorry ass passenger(s). Taking a bus is like strapping time bomb with a mercury fuse on your chest. No fucking way.

OK. What about the LRT system. Fuck that shit. That fucker breaks down more than an antique steam engine. You can't rely on that to get to work on time. If it dies, you can kiss your job goodbye. The fucking LRT will people probably take like 2 hours to fix that stupid problem. And most people will know, when you are stuck underground somewhere, you mobile basically has no signal. Most of the time, you can't call your boss and tell him you are stuck in the fucking tunnel.

Aminah Rahmat, a 46-year-old streetside vendor who had set up her food stall outside a petrol station, said she could already barely manage on her monthly income of less than 1,000 ringgit (300 dollars).

Why isn't she arrested? Tell me, how the hell could someone just open a roadside stall on the street just like that. It's not a lemonade stand. Don't they need some sort of permit for this?

"The government does not care for our welfare, that is why they have made such a huge fuel increase," she said.

"How can I afford to pay so much to transport my cooked food to my customers? I will go out of business."

You are wrong. The government cares about businesses. These business are called Petronas and Proton.

Bus operators said that a third of companies may have to close down and lorry firms said their rates would have to rise, in a move that will trickle down to higher prices for goods and services.

Go ahead. Close down. Buy more Protons. Then there are more cars on the street. When there are more cars in the streets, we get more traffic jams. When we are stuck in traffic jams, we use more petrol. When we use more petrol, the petrol companies make more money. And since there is demand for it, the price will never go down because there is no need for it. Nice move.

Abdullah is taking a major political risk in removing price controls as he attempts to recover from general elections that dealt the ruling coalition its worst results in half a century.

Nice way to get back on our good graces. Nice move by the ruling government indeed.

Rising prices of food and fuel were a major factor in the ballot, which has triggered repeated calls for the premier to stand down.

I would never ask him to stand down. All politicians are the same.

"It just shows Abdullah is incapable of leading the country," said senior ruling party lawmaker Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of former premier Mahathir Mohamad who has campaigned for the premier to quit.

Says the kid of the person who partially has a stake Proton and Petronas.

"He is not taking to heart the miseries that are being felt by the people when that should be something he tries to solve as a leader," Mukhriz told AFP.

Fuck off! Stop bitching and do something about it.

The stock market sank 2.4 percent as the central bank said the price hike could suppress economic growth and drive up inflation as high as 5.0 percent this year, from levels of 3.0 percent in April.

Inflation = 5%. Salary adjustment since I took the new job = 0%. Great. Just fucking great.

The ringgit currency sank, and government bonds plunged on expectations Bank Negara will raise interest rates to curb inflation, despite it stating there was no need yet for an increase.

Err.. ?? Yeah. Whatever he said.

But there was good news for Thais and Singaporeans who will now be allowed to buy fuel at border petrol stations after a recent ban was lifted in view of the subsidy cut.

Shit, we don't even have enough petrol here. Now we're sharing? WTF?


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