i beat the computer at mahjong with a "sap sam yew"

I was bored at the office the other day, my project was overdue. My boss doesn't care if I can't do it ontime.

So I randomly Google-d for something interesting to do and I found this nice online mahjong website. I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, this is real mahjong, the 4-player kind. Not that stupid "gwailo" mahjong solitaire.

On that note, Google. Please stop registering those stupid solitaire mahjong games as mahjong. I mean, it's pretty fucked up. You Googled for mahjong, at it returns like couple of hundred sites ask you to play or download those stupid solitaire mahjong games.

Enough with that shit. Back to the main event. So I found this site which offers mahjong games, that any asshole like me could register for free.

I registered, logged in. Played a game with the bots (the downside of that site, only registered players get to play with other players. The free users, need to play with the computer). But hey, doesn't matter, I was just wasting my youth there anyways.

So I played, a couple of games. Lo and behold, I managed to beat the computer with the "sap sam yew" hand, which is like the rarest and hardest combination of winning hand in the history of mahjong. Take a look:

13 yew

If you are interested in playing this game for free, please surf to: Mahjong Time. Have fun kicking the computer's ass.


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